Staten Island Hunger Task Force
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About Us

It is the mission of the Staten Island Hunger Task Force to advocate for the needs of food-insecure families and individuals and not-for-profit emergency feeding programs in order to ensure that hunger needs are met in the borough of Staten Island.

The Hunger Task Force is committed to bringing awareness to the issue of hunger in our borough in order to muster the will of community leaders and members to fight for an end to hunger on Staten Island.

We will support the work of our local emergency feeding programs through education, advocacy, and coordination of services as well as support the city, state, and federal positions that advance both sufficient anti-hunger resources as well as an end to hunger itself.


The Staten Island Hunger Task Force meets the first Monday every other month starting in January, with a break during the summer.

The next meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 4, 3:00-5:00 p.m., at the NYC Human Resources Administration, 201 Bay St.

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Safe Food for Homeless Clients

Civil Eats recently published an article about feeding homeless people, "For the Homeless, There’s More to Eating than Food." Food safety, security, and storage are three problems influencing the meal choices of people living without shelter. The authors point out that the problem with itinerant people’s eating habits isn’t a lack of nutrition education--it's lack of access to healthy foods. Also mentioned in the article is a nutrition ed toolkit for homeless or single-room-occupancy clients without cooking facilities. See Homeless Nutrition Education Toolkit: A Resource for Nutrition Educators and Emergency Food Providers.

Food Pantries & Soup Kitchens

Look for food pantries in your ZIP Code:

Note: Please check hours and arrive at least half an hour before the pantry or kitchen closes. Most pantries and kitchens are staffed by volunteers who need to be able to leave on time. Thanks!

Click here for a list of pantries in alphabetical order.

Supported by a generous grant from the Richmond County Savings Foundation.

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